Project Description

Creation time: 3 weeks

We were asked to help the Humoney project’s crowdfunding stage by making an explainer video come true by assisting script-writing, creating the visuals, all designs and animations for the concept. It was fun simplifying the rather complex problems and offered solution to stylized, simple-looking graphics and animations. The real challenge was that these elements had to be built rather quickly, and from scratch. Anyhow, we’re proud of the results, and hope you like it too!

We’re pleased we took part in all aspects of production:
– Video script consultancy
– Copywriting consultancy
– Directing/Producing, and working out visual creatives
– Design (including character designs and icons/emblem,etc)
– Animation
– Music sourcing and editing
– Audio post production
– Complete management of all production phases

“The collaboration was constructive, creative and productive. The process was plannable and of high standard; what could be made to make the end result great was made.”
Client's project manager

If you also think that your potential customers and your business deserve at least one great online video or animation, let’s talk and let’s find the right style, messages and other parameters for your needs.

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