Project Description

Client: Riport Applications Kft.

Overt the past few years, we’ve been creating numerous animated marketing materials (to be used for ads, social media posts, etc) for Hungarian fintech SaaS products R!PORT, autokata, QUiCK.

It included explainer video, promo video, with GIF and video outputs. Below you can check a few of them:

QUiCK Explainer Video (Hungarian):

Autokata Promo Video (Hungarian):

R!PORT integartion promo video (Hungarian):

And we also developed some GIFs, that are great visual communication assets in medium posts, newsletters, social media. Here they are:

Invoice Grab Fail

Excel mystery

QUiCK import abstract

QUiCK import non-abstract

Virtual scan

Sending of files

On top of all these, we also helped to create still banners in a number of aspect ratios to display on different resolutions of an ad network.

You can hire us too and have quality visuals (and fintech animations) for your brand and business!
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