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World-class visuals

We offer visual communication services:

Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics.


Our hourly-rate based approach keeps things flexible

but at the same time it is plannable.

Our Secret

We're dedicated and focused

and bring all of our skills & professional experience of 20+ years to the table.

Who we serve

Businesses and projects of all sizes:

Startups, corporations, media and marketing firms.

Over the years, we’ve delivered design and motion graphics solutions for a wide range of clients: startups, agencies and large corporations as well.

Partner companies

We work hard, and our clients’ feedback reinforces us over and over again that we’re doing things right.

The development process was precise and plannable, this is what I liked the most.
Peter Sziebig, CEO, OpenGastro, Germany
In a nutshell: professional as hell.
Miklos Emody, CEO & Founder, LevelUP, Denmark
Their motion graphics skills are truly world-class.
The Missing Cloud crew went above and beyond to deliver a stunning animation. Communication was great and met the tight deadline. Thank you!
Ivan Wong, CEO & Founder, Custom SLR., US
We want to appreciate your professional work and its quality for the projects you’ve done for us. We’ve enjoyed working with both of you very much.
Gabriyel Wong, Co-Founder & Marketing, XPEGIA, Singapore
Missing Cloud worked quickly and the end product was very professional. Everything was great!
Bill Von Fumetti, Marketing Manager, Kids In The House, US

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