Animated Banners we designed, animated and delivered

Multi-display Video Banner

Video Banner and mutations

Single-display Video Banners

MC, Website Banner (plays only once), 224 Kbytes Animated GIF

Facebook Video Cover

Multi-Purpose (FB video cover, presentations, etc) Video Banner, 60FPS

FB video cover

FB video cover

FB video cover

Car1, Website Banner, 140 Kbytes Animated GIF

Car2, Website Banner, 140 Kbytes Animated GIF

APR, Website banner, 800 KBytes Animated GIF

PQ, Website banner, 54 KBytes Animated GIF

Soforhivo1, Website Banner, 118 Kbytes Animated GIF

Soforhivo2, Website Banner, 225 Kbytes Animated GIF

Chat, Website Banner, 30 Kbytes Animated GIF

Logiscool, Soc.Media banner, 809 KBytes Animated GIF

Valentine, Soc. Media banner, 2.8 Mbytes KBytes Animated GIF

StPatrick, Soc. Media banner, 4.4 MBytes Animated GIF

Nocleg, Soc. Media banner, 4.5 MBytes Animated GIF

WebHand, Video Element for website

Badge, Website element, 800 KBytes Animated GIF

If you’re interested in more fun animated gifs, check here.

Still Banners (for web, email, etc)

1 Still Banner
2 Still Banner
3 Still Banner
4 Still Banner
5 Still Banner
6 Still Banner
7 Still Banner
And a montage: Still Banner