We create engaging animated videos using UIs.

Check a few public pieces from our portfolio below to serve as inspiration for what is possible for your SaaS product.

Watch this short reel first and scroll down for individual pieces, with GIFs at the bottom.


Where and how to use what kind of animated videos?

Harness the power of moving images on your site (too)

Your landing pages, home page and blog also benefit from quality feature-showcasing GIFs made of your UIs to quickly communicate concepts and benefits.

But it’s not just GIFs you can place here and there. You can elevate a whole explainer video to be the focus of your site, giving users a chance to just press play and listen to what you have to tell them. With a music and sound effects to set the mood. Convince them with style!

What’s more, you can re-use all your animated video/GIF assets on social media channels and as ad assets.

Educate Visually

Thorough tutorial videos about a digital product that are super easy to consume can help retain users and also reduce stress on your support team.

Written documentations can also benefit from shorter animated GIFs of your user interface elements showing how-to-s, features, and presenting abstract concepts in an easy-to-consume manner.

And don’t forget: you’re educating your potential customers and users from the very first second. So it’s show-time all the time!

Show, not tell!

You have a product – now show it to the world! Explainer videos, tutorial videos can all be used as ads and social media posts.
But also short-format animated videos (like AIDA, GIFs or animated banners) can be standalone marketing assets.

What’s more, we can create shorter stand-alone edits of scenes of a longer format animated video to be used as separate (shorter) assets for content marketing and ads.

Market where your customers are

If you have an app in any of the app stores, screenshots are mandatory, promo videos are optional. But to convince as many users as possible to push the Get/Download button requires all your munition.

Having a video is an extra ~30 seconds minimum for them to listen to your messages: but with music, sound.
Screenshots and words are powerful, but why miss out on the magic of videos and make it even more comfortable and fun for users to get to know your app? Let’s show them a video that makes them want the app!

ASO (App Store Marketing) might benefit from at least one video as well.

Now onto the individual videos and gifs below!

planpop (Moments) – App Social Media Ads

2 short promo videos for marketing the App planpop (formerly Moments) on TikTok for younger audiences. (Mobile)

QUiCK – Web App Feature Promo

A stylish feature promo video for a fintech product.

eBay – Promoted Listings – Tutorial

A lively “how-to” tutorial that also explains a few concepts.

Liligo – Play Store Video

A stylish (and stylized) animated demo of an Android app, meant to be a featured video on the Play Store.

Indivizo – App Promo

Showcasing key features and communicating marketing messages of the Indivizo hiring and recruitment platform.

Szallas.hu – Platform Tutorial

A fast-paced and fun “how-to” tutorial for Hungary’s largest booking site.

In Hungarian.

Race My Face – App Preview

A realistic but stylish animated demo of an IOS app, used for an App Preview video on the App Store.

SDC – Platform Tutorial

A realistic, clean how-to tutorial of a desktop/web platform.
A bit slow paced on purpose as pace is also determined by the target group’s preference.

Szallasguru.hu – TV Ad

An animated TV ad featuring a stylized UI of some apps and Hungary’s largest booking site.

In Hungarian.

Sapho – App Promo

A video that showcases the benefits and ease of use of the Sapho app through its UI.

Written and directed by Dylan H. Jones (@ Jones Digital Media)

Coca-Cola Journey – Platform Promo

Showcasing various parts of an online content hub while communicating brand values.

CAANZ – Website Promo

A video that showcases various features and benefits of a website/platform.

QUiCK – Web App Promo

A stylish promo video made for a Hungarian web app.

In Hungarian.

Booked4us – App Promo

A video without narration that showcases various features and benefits of a booking app.

A few short videos showing how an iPad app works, showing a few key features (MOBILE)


GIFS For Digital Products

We also develop unique GIFs using UIs so they can be used everywhere: inside apps, landing pages, newsletters, email blasts, blog posts, guest posts, and social media posts.

Check a few below:

Invoice Grab Fail

Excel misery

QUiCK import abstract

QUiCK import non-abstract

Virtual scan

Sending of files

Dashboard elements

Invoice settings

Bank connections

Vendor sentinel

QUiCK | center

Liquidity – thumbsup

Now it’s your time.


Let’s talk about your video(s) or GIF(s).

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