We’ve been creating animated UIs for videos for the past ~14 years.
UIs of all kind: desktop and mobile, real and fictional, apps and websites.

Below you can check a few public pieces from our portfolio to be used as references for quality, sophistication, tone, etc. for your project. Tell us which ones you liked the most and why! Also tell us which ones you don’t. This allows us to move forward more quickly.

Here is a montage of some of our favorite projects:

A square ad for Moments, a social calendar App. (MOBILE)

TikTok ads for Moments/Planpop, a social calendar App. (MOBILE)

A stylish feature promo video for a fintech product. (DESKTOP)

Another nice, clean “how-to” tutorial. (DESKTOP)

A stylish “how-to” tutorial that also explains a few concepts. (DESKTOP)

A promo made up of animated UI showcasing key features. (DESKTOP)

A fast-paced and fun “how-to” tutorial (Hungarian content/narration) (DESKTOP)

A stylish (and realistic) animated demo of an IOS app, meant to be an App Preview video on the App Store. (MOBILE)

A stylish (and stylized) animated demo of an Android app, meant to be a featured video on the Play Store.(MOBILE)

An animated TV ad featuring a stylized UI of some apps and the advertised website. (WEBSITE)

A video that showcases the benefits and ease of use of the Sapho app. Written and directed by Dylan H. Jones (@ Jones Digital Media)(MOBILE)

A video that showcases various parts of an online content hub while communicating brand values. (DESKTOP)

A video that showcases various features and benefits of a website. (DESKTOP)

A few short videos showing how an iPad app works, showing a few key features (MOBILE)

A stylish promo video made for a Hungarian app. (DESKTOP)

A montage/promo of some app/software work we made. (DESKTOP)

Some GIFs:

What are the benefits of animating instead of recording screens for videos?

Check our blogpost on the benefits here: http://www.missingcloud.com/eng/screencasts_record_or_animate/

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