Project Description

We’ve been commissioned by the (equally) darts-loving guys at Scolia Technologies Ltd to help create an eye-catching animation for their brand new product line launch, Scolia Home Flex. A fun fact is that not only they are also Hungarian, but both of us are even located in the same city, Szeged. So – as a rare occasion – we started our kick-off meeting in person and then continued to collaborate online (business as usual).

The final material is partly a product launch marketing video and partly explainer video, explaining the newly introduced Scolia Home Flex subscription model.

The resulting videos were developed over a month, and we took part in almost every aspect of the production: helping script development, coming up with and validating visual concepts, executing graphic design, creating 2d and 3d animations, music selection, animatic development and finally creating mutations.

A square aspect ratio (1:1) version was created as a base version, and then a widescreen (16:9) version was developed for platforms that works better with wide aspect ratios. The initial video was developed in English, but a German mutation was also created.

Original English version


German language mutation


Additional animations delivered separately

5 loopable animations of the product rotating for future marketing materials, presented here in 1 video.