Project Description

Creation time: 1 month+

We were approached to design and develop an story-based animation for realME, a dating service that has honesty in its center and as its unique selling point.
We received the idea and a script-draft of the story, everything else was either done by us or in cooperation with our client.

Our tasks included:

– developing all of the character designs, rigging and their animations
– developing all of the misc. graphics and animations
– general and creative consultancy
– scripting, storyboarding
– coming up with visual concepts
– a bit of copywriting consultancy
– choosing and editing music track and sound effects
– in addition to the main animation, we also delivered smaller bits of videos for the brand’s instagram and facebook campaigns; as well as still elements for html5 ads.

The collaborative approach with the fantastic and precise team of realME resulted in nice and smooth results.

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