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Explainer Video With Narration

A sales video (or a crowdfunding video), explaining your services, products, and above of all: benefits.






(Muted) montage of more of our explainer videos:




Explainer Video Without Narration

Its goal is the same as the previous category, but were (intentionally) developed without narration.





Creative Ad / Promo Video

A marketing video, raising brand awareness or spreading word about a promotion.










A max. 33-second-long animated ad that has the classic Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) structure.
(some samples are in Hungarian)





3D Product Video

Stylish video presentation of one or more products (or product concepts)





A video showcasing your company profile, finished projects or areas of expertise.


Image film

A video showcasing your company profile, areas of expertise, focusing on values/feelings.



/The Sapho video was written and directed by Dylan H. Jones (@ Jones Digital Media)/


Screen Video

A video showing recorded/animated screen explaining software or mobile app features and usage. With or without narration. We recommend doing it the animated way.






Event Videos

Invite video for an upcoming event and/or a showcase of a past event.




Nyitó/Welcome Video (természetesen szponzor-listával):



Industrial B2B Presentation

Stylish video presentation of a new technology/method – without narration
(can be supported with live speech)




Video Opener

Usually a logo animation – a strong and convincing way to start a presentation or any video.



Animated GIF

The short, auto-playing (sometimes looping) animated content is back!
It controls attention, boosts static websites and are great “pre-loaders” for mobile apps.
Gives life to icons, buttons, and other design elements.

Want to check more of our GIFs? Click here!.



If you also think that your potential customers and your business deserve at least one great online video or animation, let’s talk and let’s discover the right genre, style, messages for your needs.

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