We work with hourly rates for as many tasks as possible, which we found to be best for every party based on 10+ years of experience. We can usually provide solutions for all kinds of budgets, our key strength is flexibility in this area.


Our Current / Indicative Hourly Rates:

Small projects

$47 per hour
  • For projects requiring less than 20 work-hours

Med/Large projects

$42 per hour
  • For projects requiring more than 20 work-hours


$38 per hour
  • For agencies bringing pre-planned projects (even small ones). Get in touch for more info.
By hourly rate we mean per person rate, not studio rate. Indicated hourly rates are eligible for projects that are non-rush, for work-day hours, and if we’re able to showcase the project results and basic details publicly in our portfolio and marketing materials. Certain project elements have flat/fix costs however; usually external assets: narration, composing unique music, existing design assets (icons, etc).


We’re lightning fast, seasoned professionals, who love to collaborate, serve and deliver.
Just ask our clients:
“In a nutshell: professional as hell.”
Miklos Emody, CEO & Founder, LevelUP, Denmark
“The development process was precise and plannable, this is what I liked the most.”
Peter Sziebig, CEO, OpenGastro, Germany
“We want to appreciate your professional work and its quality for the projects you’ve done for us. We’ve enjoyed working with you very much.”
Gabriyel Wong, Co-Founder & Marketing, XPEGIA, Singapore


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