10 Excuses For Not Having An Animated Video

10 Excuses For Not Having An Animated Video

2018 is by far the best candidate to call it the “year of video marketing” in the online world. Video content and their views on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are growing like crazy.

We’re going to examine why lots of small and medium businesses reject being part of these growing platforms by NOT creating video contents.
And by lots, we mean LOTS: according to a recent report, only 9% of US small businesses are on Youtube.

We understand that most small businesses can’t afford a good director, actors, filming crew, equipment and whatnot to shoot fancy videos.
So in this post, we’ll be focusing on animated videos, because we have our own insights for these and we have 14+ years of experience in creating them.

We regularly encounter CEOs and marketing managers that think they do not need an animated video for their brand.
Because [insert one of the most popular excuses here].

Thing is, we all have excuses for things we are 100% sure that we should do but don’t want to do because of something. Be it sports, a walk, a much needed talk, anything.
Yes, even having an animated video.
So let’s look at the most popular excuses for not having one.

Have to mention that we respect any final decision of whoever we get in touch with and do not force our opinion on them during one-on-one work or discussion, even if we think it would benefit them.
One can’t help those who don’t want to be helped.
But below we’re not only listing the most popular excuses, we’re sharing our thoughts on why these excuses are often *excuses only* and not valid points.