10 Excuses For Not Having An Animated Video

10 Excuses For Not Having An Animated Video

2018 is by far the best candidate to call it the “year of video marketing” in the online world. Video content and their views on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are growing like crazy.

We’re going to examine why lots of small and medium businesses reject being part of these growing platforms by NOT creating video contents.
And by lots, we mean LOTS: according to a recent report, only 9% of US small businesses are on Youtube.

We understand that most small businesses can’t afford a good director, actors, filming crew, equipment and whatnot to shoot fancy videos.
So in this post, we’ll be focusing on animated videos, because we have our own insights for these and we have 14+ years of experience in creating them.

We regularly encounter CEOs and marketing managers that think they do not need an animated video for their brand.

[insert one of the most popular excuses here].

Thing is, we all have excuses for things we are 100% sure that we should do but don’t want to do because of something. Be it sports, a walk, a much needed talk, anything.
Yes, even having an animated video.
So let’s look at the most popular excuses for not having one.

Have to mention that we respect any final decision of whoever we get in touch with and do not force our opinion on them during one-on-one work or discussion, even if we think it would benefit them.
One can’t help those who don’t want to be helped.
But below we’re not only listing the most popular excuses, we’re sharing our thoughts on why these excuses are often *excuses only* and not valid points.

Excuse#1: “I don’t think I need it as my customers didn’t ask for it”

No customer ever asked for a nicer packaging or more memorable logo (or basically any kind of marketing effort), yet companies do it all the time.
And with a reason.

These help to stand out, to shape the brand, to make it easy to find or recognize it, and also to reach existing and new customers, and to convince them to buy.
An animated video is doing just these – especially if you think of explainer videos.

Do you know the quote that is attributed (falsely though) to Henry Ford that says “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”? Not automobiles.

Naturally though, if many of your existing customers ask for a certain item in your shop or for a new software feature, than listen to them and take action as there’s visible demand.
But there are things you can’t expect your customers to decide on but eventually you need to do: it’s your business and your marketing, not theirs.

Also, the prospects that go to your competition usually do not tell you the reason why they choose the other.
They may not be aware of the reason themselves. Maybe all it would take for some of them to choose you is to present your product/services in style.
So maybe you do need an animated video after all, just nobody told you that.

Excuse#2: “I don’t think I need it as this is so new to me“

Everything that exists now was new once.
Social media marketing have not existed for most of humanity’s history, yet few businesses can afford to not utilize it now.

If something is new to you that does not mean you don’t need it.
You just need a pair of helpful hands (minds) to guide you and keep you on track.
And willingness to listen and learn a bit as we go.

We have many educational materials in our blog and 14+ years of experience of leading projects if needed.
We’ve worked with elder and very young clients as well who had no experience in online marketing or animated videos and everything went just fine with developing animated videos for them.

No need to be afraid.

Excuse#3: “I don’t think I need it as we just launched/opened”

Sure, opening a business or launching a new product/service/feature might get you a peak in likes and reach.

Or it might not.

But in the long run, if people do not know what you offer, how you offer it, they might just ignore your offer and live their life as before you launched or opened.

Put a neat animated video in front of them starting at day one (or before) and let them know what your business or new feature is all about.
Generate buzz and interest: in the online world, every time is showtime!

There’s a reason movies have teasers, trailers and such before the movie is actually in cinemas.
Or why Apple (and as a matter of fact, just about every phone company) creates beautiful animated videos each year for their products and put it on large and small screens.
The fact that you just launched or opened is a reason to want an animated video better than ever and not a reason to think you don’t need one.

Excuse#4: “I don’t think I need it because I like to read instead of watching videos”

Ah, do we hear this a lot!
Mostly from people who think content marketing is text-only and only consists of writing blogs and newsletters.

We have one advice for those who think like this: don’t confuse yourself with your customers or leads. You’re not them.

So if you don’t like videos, don’t watch them. But do accept the fact that the online world is getting more and more video-driven.

You don’t have to 100% like the way you do your marketing or do your sales. Just don’t put your own preference over your audience’s preference or most likely you’ll miss out on things that could serve you and your future prospects and customers equally.

Excuse#5: “I don’t think I need it as we didn’t need it before”

We hear this one too often as well.

Humanity was good without google or the wheel as well.

Or was it?

But sarcasm aside, just because your marketing seems to be Ok for your expectations at the moment doesn’t mean it couldn’t or shouldn’t be better.
Marketing is about trying to stay on top with whatever is necessary: experimenting with new tools, platforms and and yes, also with new ways of communication.
Don’t get stuck with what worked in the past, prepare for the future in the present.

Finally, never forget to think of this comic when you encounter things that are new to you.

Excuse#6: “I don’t think I need it as my product/service is not the kind that needs it”

Tell us about it!

Among others, we’ve developed animated videos for:

• many complex software
• book launches
• football statistics collecting app
• car fluids packaging presentation
• bank sector presentations
• website demos
• business events
• a printer recycling company’s process
• employer branding education system
• infographics
• various PR agencies and accelerators
• crowdfunding campaigns
• holographic display products
• photography accessory hardware
• b2b presentations
• a revolutionary dental guide system
• tv channels
• darts entertainment
• a pizza line with updated recipes
• even laboratories

We could continue (listing 14 years’ of projects would take a while) but you get the point.

If you think your brand, product or service would not fit into the list (which we hardly doubt), try us!

Excuse#7: “I don’t think I have the budget for it”

Many who use this excuse say it before they even received a quote or estimate from us.
Thinking “it must be too expensive for my brand” because our references are nice and not knowing our rates or project estimate is just plain funny.
At the same time it’s sad that after following up and checking on these prospect we find that many of them are left without animated videos even after years – from which they could have benefited.

We are proud we’ve worked with startups that haven’t even launched and that they come back year after year to do more together.
We have a very flexible development system and agile approach to be able to serve a wide variety of needs and scenarios.
We also have in-house developed templates (standalone ones and specific ones as well) for various needs.

Truth is, most of those who say they can’t afford a project with us don’t really put in a few hours of effort to get to know the options, our service, or to ask.
It’s easier to blame something quickly (ie: budget) for the lack of will to learn.
But those who put in the initial effort getting to know what we could do together find a long-term partner in us and usually return for more.

Excuse#8: “I don’t think I want it as I don’t have the time to manage it”

Seems like a good excuse, as since we develop animated videos in collaboration with our clients, working together, asking for and getting input on the progress, etc, it requires some time from them.

But if you think you really don’t have the time, then you need an assistant. Or a marketing manager. Or a marketing assistant. Or a personal assistant.
If you can’t afford any of these, than you need better marketing so you can earn more. For this you may want an animated video.
But for this you may want to put in some time so we can do something cool together.
Yes, it would take time from other activities you might like better, but there is no return on investment without investment.

Excuse#9: “I don’t think I want it as I don’t know how to manage it”

Nobody can be 100% sure how to manage a new situation or problems that they have not faced before.

And of course, every project is different when you’re looking at unique development, graphics or animations.

But there are best practices.
There are tools.
With 14 years of working experience of creating animations for businesses of every size, we can help a lot.
Give you options, describe compromises and their consequences, their impact, with examples, suggestions, etc.
We can hold your hand during the process and lead the way.

We’ve done it many times and do it for those who trust us with it.

If we work together, we’re partners with a shared goal: to create one or more animated videos that your audience or target group will like, find it useful and inspire them to like you even more.

To communicate your messages – in style.

Excuse#10: “I don’t think I want it as animation is for kids and I’m a serious business and my target groups are adults”

If you have never watched US WWII educational movies (ie: Why We Fight: Prelude to War) you’ll be surprised how many had many animated parts even with Walt Disney Productions involved.
And those targeted mature adults as well, and animation worked well for these.

This was in 1942.

Now in 2018, animated assembly videos, product launches, software tutorials, Apple App Previews, Google Play Store videos are standards in both b2c and b2b communication.
Visuals are more easily consumed by people than longer texts.
And animation is a form of visual communication: graphics in motion.

So when you think about animation, you don’t have to think of producing a cartoon. We don’t have to include a talking duck or cute characters – though we can.

Every cartoon is an animation, but not every animation is a cartoon.

So there you have it.

What’s your excuse?

If you’re ready to start a discussion about your animated video, get in touch!

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