An animated video usually consists of one or more scenes.

The scenes are not their for their own sake, they are there to serve a purpose: communicate a message, set a mood, etc.

So for a scene, it is advised to choose a content type that communicates the message in the best possible way.
With which the message can be the most impactful, the most understandable (or the most entertaining) for the viewer.

For example, there are things or topics that are best to illustrate with a 2d character, and there are ones for which a 3d animation or an animated infographic is best to use.

Below you can find some examples for animated content types, illustrated with bits and pieces of our portfolio animated videos.
While some of them would require narration for it to be completely understandable for you now (we turned audio off so they’re mute), but nonetheless they are good examples.


Real User Interface

This could be recorded screen-captures or they can be animated. Animated screens could be more sophisticated as the example below shows.

Stylized User interface

Unnecessary information can be distracting (even if it’s visual), these could be either hidden or make them appear in a simplified way. This is what stylized mean.

Character / Figure

This can be a company mascot or a more general character.

Animated 3D content

Some objects and their properties are best to showcase with using 3d techniques (products, buildings, etc – either if they exist in reality or if they do not (yet).


“Text-only” animations can stand on their own. But sometimes non-text-only videos are best to have text-only scenes in them (endpage, CTA), which can be animated as well.


If there’s a lot of (or not that much but important) data or numbers that need to be communicated, then it’s worth using animated infographics.


It’s not mandatory to use animated characters that we see do stuff constantly, or use special effects and 3d magic. You can keep the viewer interest and visual variety of the video by using icons.

Animated graphics

This requires a separate category when it’s not a character, not infographics and not icon, but a unique graphic that is animated.



Photos can be used as a base or key visual for a scene when developing an animated video.

An now the twist..

..The twist is that it’s possible to mix all the above content types, even in a single scene. For example:

(Photo + Text + Footage + 3d)

(Characters + a bit of 3d + animated icon)

(characters + graphics + icon + stylized user interface + text)

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