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“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”

– William Butler Yeats

As you might already know, communication with potential customers is just as important as communication with your existing user base.
If you don’t make your offer clear and say it loud, how could anyone want, or even to decide to buy: your stuff?

Sure, that’s why you have a user-friendly (and friendly-looking) website and carefully crafted writings on it (like a FAQ, social proof, etc) most likely with some pictures and icons.

But… is it enough? Not likely.

The price of neglecting visitors who love multimedia

Here at Missing Cloud – being a marketing/media studio and agency – we’re always on the watch on emerging and efficient ways and techniques of online communication. We keep our eyes especially on startup communication trends – as from what we see, mostly startups lack the will to invest time and resources in building quality communication strategies, thinking that they can get away with the bare minimum.

But this can cost them their dream.

Website visitors, leads, potentional customers – whatever you call them – deserve not just to be informed – but to be informed in the way they like it.
If they want to sit back and press play to get to know your stuff, let them do it.

How successful startups do it

Last week we’ve bumped into Venturebeat’s list of the currently fastest growing mobile startups.

We decided to put them to the test by examining what these successful startups have in common by checking them from the point of view of the most engaging digital media and communication form: video and animation.

What we found is this:

Infographics on Successful Mobile Startups and Videos, Aug 2013 - (c) Missing Cloud Ltd 2013

Wow! Do you see what we see? A whopping 85% of these fastest growing startups have some kind of video under their belt!

75% of them have at least one animation (so called “explainer video”) to present their product, to make it easy to talk about their offers and benefits.

Also, those who have some kind of video, do not only have one, but at least two.
It makes us think they understand that nowadays videos can’t be ignored.
Like back in the 90’s: if you’re a business, get a website. Now it’s like this: if you’re a startup, get a video.

Caution: it should be your communication!

An animated or footage-based video is essentially a tool, though a rather important one.
You should be using it to help your message and product spread in a fun and consumable, time-saving way, and to familiarize yourself with your potential customers: to build your brand.
“It’s true, but I’ll do it later” – you might say.

But you’d better be the first to tell your story.

Believe it or not, one of the 20 startups had a video about them created by an amateur youtube content creator, where he’s telling the world how to pronounce their name according to him. That is, again, a random unknown youtube guy.
And it has more than 10,000 views on youtube.

Do you really want others to decide even on such basic levels as how YOUR startup’s name is really pronounced? We think it’s a scary and risky thing to do.

A video (with a spoken audio track of course) can solve this problem, and a number of others.

You should be controlling your brand and your dream, so if you don’t have at least an explainer video on the site of your startup, you should think about creating one now.

Get in touch with us and let’s explore your video (and video strategy) needs via a free consultation.

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