Project: Website Showcase Video | Client: Filtered Media Pty. Ltd. | Creation time: 5 weeks

This inspiring website video explains and shows what Coca-Cola Australia’s site called ‘Coca-Cola Journey’ is.

We received a well-written brief, a pre-recorded narration track, a logo animation, a music track and lots of raw videos and photos to be used for building the final piece.

After receiving these, we’ve searched for, chosen and creatively edited the videos and photos, but also developed all necessary visuals and animations.

We’ve also done complete audio-visual post-production: color grading, mastering, audio-editing; so every element supports the targeted look & feel.

All in-line with the official Coca-Cola Journey brand guide.

Thanks to Filtered Media for their precise briefing, clear communication and superb management, the project was a pleasure to take part in and fast to finish.

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