Project Description

Creation time: 1 week | Client: Filtered Media Pty Ltd

We were asked by Filtered Media to develop a motion graphics piece for an event of Diabetes NSW.

The script, visual concept suggestions and voice over Filtered Media prepared were excellent (as usual), as well as the brief.
There were existing print materials (consisting of event logo, colors) to base the the look & feel of the animated piece.

Our task was to create the infographics/layouts in the video, then to animate them (and their transitions), and finally assemble the assets (VO, music, etc) into a ready-to-use video.

We also post-produced the voice over track.

The deadline was very short (a few workdays basically), so there wasn’t much room for experimenting.
Luckily we captured the desired layouts/movements early on, so the delivery was on-time.

Also check out this awareness-raising infographics video we made for Diabetes NSW – also assigned to us by Filtered Media.

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