Project Description

Client: IncQuery GmbH

We’ve been commissioned by the IncQuery GmbH team to create an explainer video for their product IncQuery Suite.

We helped with every aspect of creating a unique and highly sophisticated video that serves exact business goals: from consultancy through making use of existing design elements and making new ones to delivery.

The product suite is quite complex as are the targeted sectors and even the problems and solutions are quite abstract.
Thus, the visual representations of them had to be spot-on and so we went through multiple iterations of their look, meaning, and finally their motion.

By mixing 3d and 2d animations we added an extra layer of depth and smoothness to the minimalistic isometric elements of their brand assets.

Overall, our client was really satisfied with the collaboration itself and the visually pleasing outcome that is helping their business goals in lead generation, cutting explaining times in meetings and presentations and bringing their visuals to a new level, now and in the years to come.

IncQuery Suite - SaaS 2.0 product - Explainer Video Stills

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