Project Description

Creation time: 3 months | Client: is a travel search engine providing users with info about available flights, buses and trains.
We helped to explain how their mobile application is working with this app animation, and how beneficial it can be to use it.

The video was primarily meant to be used on Google Play store.

Working with the fantastic in-house team of Liligo, our tasks included:

– storyboarding
– creative consultancy
– coming up with visual concepts
– some copywriting consultancy
– editing and mastering music
– and of course designing and animating.

The project took 3+ months from start to finish, as the scenes and story needed continuous testing to make sure they capture the right messages and feel.
Our agile approach helped a lot to have a balanced focus of all the elements: necessary messages, contents, style and play-time.
For each scene and iterations, we went through exploring, drafting, discussing/reviewing, and finally working out.

A total of 6 localized versions were created, each in their respective language: UK, US, French, Italian, Spanish, German.

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