Project Description

Project: Game Promo Video | Client: Pocket Games Ltd. | Creation time: 1+ month

Musiverse is a fun, addictive mobile game, in which you can literally play your own music. The Hungarian creators of the app wanted to create a game promo video for it.

By the time they approached us, they already had a couple of things worked out: concept, music track selection, actor selection, shooting location, 3d model of the spaceship.
They reached out to us to help them with the following tasks:

– consultancy/brainstorming
– bringing it all together
– planning and executing shooting
– planning and executing 3d and 2d animations
– sound and video editing
– visual exploration and post production (mixing elements visually, color grading, etc)

We invited Gergo Guba ( ), our cinematographer partner to collaborate with us on the project.
Gergo also lives in the same city as we do (Szeged, Hungary). Our approach and workflow ensured that we get the best results – while keeping the project on time and within budget.

Thanks to the great collaboration and communication between the Musiverse team and us, the development process of the video was very smooth.

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