Client: McCartan & Company | Creation time: 1 month

We were assigned to create 2 videos for TechLeaders 2014, a US-based event with a focused broker & dealer audience.

2 videos were created:
– one for the 1st day: the conference opening video (above)
– one for the 2nd day: to kick-start the day and keep people excited. (below)

We received the scripts that contained the texts that were to be shown on-screen, the rest was up to us: visual concept & graphic solutions and complete execution.
The results were powerful, fast-paced video pieces that make it hard to look away from them.

Here is the video of the 2nd day:

If you also think that your potential customers and your business deserve at least one great online video or animation, let’s talk and let’s find the right style, messages and other parameters for your needs.

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