Project Description

Client: ZeaLab Products Inc. | Creation time: 1+ month

Note: the content of this is not actual in-app capture, but an extract of some animations.

We’ve been working with the team of the award-winning Hungarian fitness app “TEP” to develop animations for their already-designed giraffe character to bring more life to the app.

A total of 30 animations were created by us. All of them were done in Unity2d, allowing the TEP team to control and mix them as they like.

Some animation concepts were developed by them, some of them were suggested by us.

Thanks to the great collaboration and communication between the TEP team and us, the development was very smooth, and the animations are now available in both Android and iOS apps.

“Flexible and quick partner – always aiming for quality results.”
The client's project manager, ZeaLab Products Inc.
“With Tep, you’re responsible for caring for an adorable animated giraffe

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