Client: US-Based Company Specializing in E-Learning | Timeframe: 4 months

The video montage above showcases one of the most complex projects we’ve been involved in 2011.

We’ve been assigned by a US-based e-Learning company to execute two 5-minute-long 3d animations, that would educate new employees and apprentices of a rather large ogranization about how they work, what their values are, what they expect from them, etc.

In the resulting videos, all this content became visually supported by pre-recorded interview-footage, motion graphics and animated texts, all presented on the living pages of two books.

Due to the nature of the content featured in the original videos, the montage above shows a slightly edited page-content version, and also it has been edited from 10 minutes to 1.5 minutes to show the most interesting parts.

Here is an infographic showing some interesting numbers about the project, as seen from our side:

Bacchus Infographic

Our tasks were:

– Consultancy regarding project execution pipeline and workflow
– Consultancy regarding design solutions
– Execution of 3d (with full modeling, texturing, shading, etc)
– Execution of motion graphics with animation concepts
– FullHD video Keying and Editing

The project’s execution was done in collaboration with our local partner,