Project Description

Creation time: 2 weeks | Client: Kft, leading accommodation and tourism website in Hungary got in touch with us as they needed an animated screencast video – or tutorial video – showcasing the process of using their site.
We received a deliberate and very precise storyboard of the steps and pages to showcase, along with the narration copy.

Our tasks included:

– a bit of creative consultancy
– coming up with visual concepts
– a little bit of copywriting consultancy
– choosing and editing music track
– implementing temporary and final narration
– and of course designing and animating.

The project took 2 weeks from start to finish, which can be considered short for such an end product. This was possible also because our client was very well-prepared in terms of supplying us with existing materials and being clear about their needs.

“Smooth and professional – it’s nice working with you.”
János Pálinkás, Creative Director, KFT, HU


This was the second time we worked with KFT – you can check the animated video we made together earlier here.

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